With Privilege Comes Responsibility – Giving Back with The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

May 19, 2017 by GPUL Events

Nestled within the heart of ‘New’ Scottsdale, the Westin Kierland Resort gives visitors and guests a scenic view of Arizona’s beautiful landscape. Featuring a variety of spacious rooms, a golf course and club, a water park with The Kierland FlowRider surf simulator, a lazy river, and a 110-foot-long waterslide, several high-quality restaurants, and a rejuvenating spa, the resort celebrates Arizona’s rich legacy with several exhibit halls designated to showcase the history and essence of the state.

This creates a unique experience…what Westin Kierland Managing Director J. Bruce Lange calls ‘Kierland Uncommon’, a theme that grounds the resort with an imperative of being better and special, creating value with their partners and associates. This means that the Westin Kierland takes strides to be a good neighbor and spreads the message of giving back to its community.

One of the ways the resort does this is by investing in organizations such as the Greater Phoenix Urban League. For the last 7 years, the resort has hosted the annual Whitney M. Young, Jr Awards Dinner within its Grand Ballroom, creating further support with the League that began about 14 years earlier. But this is not the first foray into philanthropy for either Mr. Lange or the Westin Kierland.

Representing the hotel’s ongoing partnership with the Phoenix Herpetological Society, the resort is home to a reptile exhibit. The PHS is a reptile rescue and rehabilitation center within North Scottsdale that maintains the exhibit, coming in every Friday to feed and clean the reptiles and delivering fun, interesting facts about the snakes, Gila monsters, and other reptiles native to our state. This relationship has continued Mr. Lange’s vision of giving back to his community, something he gained in childhood.

As a child, his father instilled in him the importance of giving back and when met with the answer of “I can’t”, Mr. Lange’s father would ask, “You can’t or you won’t?” This sense of business responsibility aids to his feelings that businesses should be good stewards of their relationships, not only with their clients and customers, but also with the residents and organizations in their areas.

“How can you be good stewards of your business relationships without being a good community leader?” Mr. Lange asks.

Using his position, Mr. Lange has become a community leader just by virtue of his giving back philosophy and has set the Westin Kierland on the same path. Aside from their work with the GPUL and PHS, the resort holds annual fundraising events – one such event raised over $70,000 for a family after the husband was killed in Iraq while stationed and fighting there.

Continuing his work with the GPUL, Mr. Lange and The Westin Kierland offered several items during the silent auction which led up to the 53rd annual Whitney M. Young, Jr Awards Dinner and Ceremony. These items included a 2-night stay with breakfast, a gift certificate at the Agave, The Arizona Spa, and a day of golf at The Westin Kierland Golf Club.