Alan 'AP' Powell

Turning Contacts into Contracts – The Community Strategy of AP Powell

April 11, 2017 by GPUL Events

“Growing up in the inner city of Louisville, Kentucky, I felt part of my legacy would be making a difference in other people’s lives. So I wake up thinking how can I make other people’s lives better.”

This was said by Alan ‘AP’ Powell during an interview in 2015. Powell was talking about his work with My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative to expand the opportunities for boys and young of color to achieve success and prosperity. MBK isn’t the first community organization that Powell has worked with – as founder and chairman of the Checkered Flag Run Foundation, Powell has channeled his own experiences to emphasis on the ideal of companies leveraging their resources to make an impact on their communities.

Powell has an expansive knowledge developing strategic relationships for Fortune 500 companies, including NASCAR, Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola, and the University of Phoenix. His industry experience and unique talent allowed him to merge contact needs with opportunities from his clients that helped to leverage A-list prospects and talent, including actor/model Tyrese Gibson, comedian Bill Bellamy, musicians Fred Durst and Fieldy, and professional boxers Evander Holyfield and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

The motto of the Checkered Flag Run is to ensure that every child has a chance to cross the finish line – where the foundation gets its name – with programs that help to support the education and lives of children within the Phoenix community.  Checkered Flag Run doesn’t just focus on the children of the community, but everyone in the community and this is true of our veterans. As a veteran of the Gulf War himself, Powell has created initiatives that support and enhance the lives of veterans once they return from the field.

Among the programs done by the Checkered Flag Run include:

  • The Bridge Forum – an exclusive panel that brings together police chiefs across metro Phoenix that connects the community engagement with police professionalism. These panels convene to discuss the challenges faced by both police and their communities.
  • Phoenix Tools 4 Schools – provides low income families the basic school readiness supplies to start off the school year, handing out book bags, notebooks, writing utensils, and other supplies.
  • Veterans Reach to Teach – program designed to hiring veterans and family members of veterans with a bachelor’s degree to be guest substitute teachers within Arizona. Not only does this help to support
  • Voting for Veterans – engagement and get out to vote program to mobilize veterans for veterans serving in public office and promotes issues important to the veteran community

For his work within the valley’s communities and his continued support of our veterans and children, the Greater Phoenix Urban League are proud to present Mr. Powell with our individual Whitney M. Young Jr. Award. This award, named after famed Civil Rights Movement leader and former National Urban League president, is presented to individuals and corporations who lead the charge of social change – change for better communities, better employment, and a better environment for our valley residents.

Come join us May 12th at 7pm to celebrate all the work done by Mr. Powell.