Sherry McFadden – The Power of Education Through the Urban League

August 7, 2018 by Office of the President

As one of our wonderful volunteers and mentors, Sherry McFadden knows the good organizations like the Greater Phoenix Urban League can do for residents within a local community. Not only is Ms. McFadden a mentor to our young members that come through our organization, but she herself shows just how beneficial the Urban League can be, proving that her journey has come full circle.

As a child in Mississippi, Ms. McFadden’s parents both took advantage of the Urban League’s education program to finish their high school education and receiving their diplomas. Due to this first exposure with the opportunities for those under served by the Urban League, Ms. McFadden had personal experience in learning about prominent figures as Whitney M. Young, as well as role models who were establishing themselves in her community.

Though the programs may have expanded or changed, the very core existence of uplifting the community has been the cornerstone for both the Urban League and the McFadden family.

Her position at one of the largest insurance institutions in the US gives her the ability to not only participate in her community, but tell others about how the Greater Phoenix Urban League is helping those under served in the Phoenix area, using her own story as a background to why the local and state chapters of the Urban League are providing foundations and stepping stones for residents.

“This aligns with the philosophy of my company,” Ms. McFadden says. “We give back to our community; we believe in employees that invest their time, their sweat, their energy; if you feel that strongly about an organization, then we’re gonna help you with some real dollars.”

Harking back to the benefits and opportunity that her own parents were given, Ms. McFadden is an integral part of the GPUL’s College Prep program, helping area high school students prepare themselves for college, as well as financial literacy and management. She is providing the very same educational foundation to high school students that were given to her parents when she was a child.

“It has come full circle,” Ms. McFadden states. “Our employees serve in their communities and then also inspire others. So not only do I serve, but I also seek others who may be asking ‘hey I’d like to volunteer, what do you recommend?’”

For her work and dedication, she was honored in 2015 with the Whitney M. Young, Jr award with in recognition for the continued support of our organization and their work within our community. Just recently, Ms. McFadden was able to donate around 25 computers to our organization –
“That’s a lot of good software and hardware that would have just been tossed out,” she says. This helps to provide more technology to the organization for our staff, volunteers, and recipients.

Ms. McFadden has been a wonderful asset for the GPUL and we’re excited for the continuation of that partnership.