The Equity & Excellence Project

Public education is arguably the best and most impactful way to create equal opportunities for children, families, and communities to succeed. Unfortunately, communities of color are too often left outside of education reform efforts, just as students of color are "left behind" by poorly funded, inequitable school systems.

The Greater Phoenix Urban League's initiatives support local and state advocacy, engagement, and reform/innovation efforts in concert with the National Urban League's Equity & Excellence Project. The GPUL works with the City of Phoenix and surrounding areas to help children and young adults innovate their education and get the learning they need.

The GPUL believes students, parents, and community stakeholders should opt in to a vision of education reform and innovation that expands and deepens opportunity, upends inequity, accelerates progress, and delivers more fully on the promise of public education.

Click here to view the entire Report Card: How Arizona advances equity through ESSA.

As Arizona legislators develop the budget, education advocates seek public education investment that advances equity by providing more funding for students with the greatest needs and fewest assets.

"It should not be the case that I can travel to any metropolitan city and understand what the trends are for Black children as it relates to literacy and reading issues. These are systemic issues," said Adenike Huggins, senior director of education policy and advocacy for National Urban League, at the Engaging Arizona in Advancing Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) event in Phoenix.

"We must use opportunities like the Every Student Succeeds Act to re-imagine what education is like for students who are most vulnerable, but also for those who could benefit the most from good quality education, because that’s what equity is," Huggins said....

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