Economic Empowerment has been a pillar of the National Urban League movement since its inception in 1910, and was a forerunner during the organizations' rise to prominence in the 1960's under the leadership of Executive Director, Whitney M. Young, Jr.

The Greater Phoenix Urban League recognizes now, just as it was then, the key to safe, sustainable and thriving communities is ensuring its members have the tools, resources, and opportunities to be economically self-sufficient. Every individual deserves the opportunity to earn a liveable wage - with benefits; and,or pursue their passion of launching their own businesses.

GPUL aims to meet the needs of the community by establishing a foundation of financial literacy through workshops and education; creating career opportunities and skills training through our Workforce Development programs, and supporting business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs through bootcamp and re-directing resources access to capital pipelines through our Entrepreneurship Center.


GPUL has been actively developing relationships with corporations, hiring managers and staffing agencies to increase the employment opportunities for the community we serve. Our work goes beyond simply placing individuals with companies that are hiring, but rather aim to provide our community members with opportunities to build sustainable careers.

  • Apprenticeships & Internships
  • Management Trainee Programs
  • Job Placement Services
  • Re-entry Employment Services
  • Job & Skills Training
  • Summer Youth Employment Program



We view the companies which we work with as clients as well. As such we've created a number of avenues to allow our workforce partners to fulfill their employment needs.

  • Career Showcase - Virtual events spotlighting our corporate partner, and their hiring opportunities.
  • Job Board - Virtual job board allows our corporate partners to list careers opportunities targeting our community members
  • Candidate Database - Our candidate database spans individuals from various industries, skills and education levels, including every member of our Young Professionals auxiliary organization
  • Social Media Repository - GPUL has established separate social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to advertise and serve as a repository for employment opportunities reaching candidates were the frequent most - social media.



People of color are changing the way America does business. The buying power of African-American and Latino consumers tops $1 trillion annually, and research indicates that these groups are also the fastest growing number of new small business owners.

The Greater Phoenix Urban League works with private, public and nonprofit resources to build strong, sustainable and successful minority businesses. The result will be wealth creation, job creation and better economic health in the minority and urban communities of the Greater Phoenix Area.

  • Startup Bootcamps - GPUL in collaboration with Hustle PHX, Archwood Exchange, Phoenix Local Organizing Committee has launched a 12 week entrepreneurship bootcamp, providing instruction and guidance are launching a business from the ground up. Programming covers, business planning, marketing, accounting, branding, access to capital, and more.
  • Training and Workshops - In partnership with Comerica Bank, GPUL offers monthly ‘Business Sense Bootcamps' covering various topics vital to existing and aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. Topics have included ‘ABCs of Business Credit'; ‘Diversifying Your Business in a Pandemic', ‘Access to Capital', ‘Securing Local & Federal Business Grants'
  • Access to Capital - Many small business owners indicate that one major obstacle to entry or expansion of their small business is the availability of sufficient intermediate and long-term capital to support their working capital, and fixed assets requirements. GPUL is actively seeking to expand its network of financial institutions and other lenders to ensure businesses have the necessary access to capital to thrive.
  • Urban Expo - Led by our Young Professionals, the Urban Expo is an annual event which provides a platform for our local and minority owned businesses to introduce their products and services to the community they wish to serve. Each year, Urban Expo attracts nearly 100 vendors, and over 1,000 attendees generating in significant revenue.