Providing the Future to our young people

March 2, 2017 by College Prep

Last year, the graduation rate for America’s high school was at a modern high, reaching to 83.2%. This is of course great news for the future of our children and their education, however while this rate might not reflect the true numbers of high school students and graduates, especially those from low income families.

A post by Emily Hanford from APM Reports noted that there still seemed to be a gap between low income students and their non-low income peers, a gap of about 14%. If high school graduation rates are up, why then is there such a gap? Hanford points to the rise in high-poverty school, where 75% of students are eligible for free or reduced price meals and nearly half of all black and Hispanic students are in a school where the majority of their peers are from low-income families.This is startling compared to the 8% of white students who also go to high-poverty schools.

Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between academic achievement and those students who are low-income. These students often times face challenges their more affluent classmates don’t, such as coming to school hungry, working to support their families, or even living alone. One student Hanford interviewed for her report noted that they had other priorities to get through that trumped learning subjects like algebra – “We got rent due. We got lights to pay. We got real life issues going on, thank your AX plus B equals MC.”

This student and others interviewed admitted they wouldn’t have graduated high school in the first place if not for going to schools that invested time and resources towards students who tackled these real-life incidences outside of school.

And if these real-life challenges are hard in high school, they are increased when a student goes to college, assuming their family is able to pay not only for college, but for the loans that might be needed to do so. That’s why we created the College Prep Program. We want to see all of our young people succeed, both in high school, in college, and in life and this program is geared towards helping students get through the preparation of going to college. You can learn more about our College Prep Program here and if you’d like to support the program, you can here.